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    Our first REAL release. All home recorded, we spent a lot of time on this. Hope you enjoy!




released November 13, 2010



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Free With Purchase Cloverdale, California

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Track Name: Fore-Knot, Sarah
Will you close your eyes with me?
And we can wrap our complexures around their self esteem
This war has given up its dreams
And wrapped through the earth a discarded soliloquy

Will you second guess what you've perceived as blessed?
The inner oculus has broken under the stress
Weights pulleys and cogs
They manifest
The fore-knot Sarah it's in your head

The architecture is false
Its fabrications bleed
Subconsciously changing the feelings
The pilot guides us through these dreams
One more kick to this false sense of being


I watched you fall apart today
And I've finally got to say
That you're a mess
You're cracking into pieces
And leaving parts of who you are behind
And that isn't right, no

Simple syllables can't explain
How things just aren't the same
I'm not the first to complain
You even said it yourself that it hurts like hell
To lie on the floor with your vocal chords cut out of your mouth

Why don't you get some help?
Come out of your shell

All the verbal attacks and you can't take them back
Now you've started the race and you're already last
And the crowd cheers
Not for you
Maybe next year you'll find
Something productive to do

And if a lightning bolt were to come strike you down
You'd see it as the best god damn thing around
But not me
I disagree
We all just want you to be

Track Name: Between You and Me
Although I never was one to impress
She's got a little smile at the corner of her mouth
And through the bad times and the late night lines
Pulling all nighters so we can feel alive
And the two hour drive where we would learn what joy is for
Jumping through the snow, going door to door

And the heat recedes
Come back to me

Let's live the life that
No one else can see

And in the end this'll be
The space between you and me

We were holding hands by new year's eve
Although the look in your eyes is begging me to plead
That through the bad times and the pick up lines
Pulling all nighters so we can feel alive
And your voice on the phone telling me what the truth is about
Waiting on the roof for you to come home


And the heat recedes
Come back to me (The space between you and me)
Track Name: Carnivorous Love
Can you hear the wolves cry at the moon?
They're crying out for something
Like I cry out for someone like I cry out to you

Oh those other guys
They wanna tear you apart
Like the piece of meat they know you are
But not me, oh no not me


Your meat won't feed them very long
Soon they'll be on the streets
and prowling out 'till dawn

Oh they all want all they can get
But I'd be willing to make a bet
That they'll go hungry
Just wait and you'll see

Those sinews
Between your teeth
Don't look so beautiful
To me
Our carnivorous love (Those sinews)
Is tearing us apart (Between your teeth)
It's tearing us apart (Don't look so beautiful)

I'll take you in and lick your wounds
Soon you'll be healed and better like no other can do

And you'll lay down to sleep each night
And I'll dream by the firelight
That you would not leave
And it'd just be you and me

But I know how us wolves can always be
You'll have to go alone without a family
And you can't promise that when we'd start
That you won't just tear out my heart

But please just leave
Without a piece of meat in your teeth




Whoahahahwoahowahoshow (it's tearing us apart) x alot
Track Name: High School Neckbeards and Bad Metal Bands
Take it all
From home the home
From the heart
From the start

Burn it all
From the church
From the roof
From the world

You've taken it all
All from me
Replaced by ignominy

Faces of doubt
Smiles of scorn
A place for the girl to call her home

A place to go home

Rip it off
It's a sign of the past
When life betrays you
Betray it back

You've got nowhere
Left to go
Beyond the Horizon, no one knows

This letter is stained with the marks of past
You've got to find a place to go home

A place to go home

Track Name: The Distance From Here to Nowhere
As the water will run colder
My skin it still stays warm
In the sunlight's beam

And it's easy getting tired
When all the sun that slips through the cracks
Burns through your self esteem

Sleeping all day
My biggest shame
I can't explain (I just can't explain)
Why this is so hard for me

Everyone around me
Always seems to frolic
When I can't plant my feet

And I just wait around
For the first ride outta this town
Once I go
I can't wait to go home



So pull down the shades
I'll cover my face
And I'll waste more days
Track Name: 7-57-7 MM
I've learned my lesson
And it's to stay away from you
I know it's hard to speak the truth

'Cause your a wave
That can't be unchained
When I'm drowning in the sea
And all I want to do is breathe

And I can lie but I don't really want to
Change my ways so I can make it better
I'm the same and I'll always be that way
It's our DNA

I'll have you know
That we're from cookie cutter molds
We only want to fill our space

So I'm not sorry
For letting actions take their course
Before we both end up like corpses


You're hopeless
You're stuck in this game
And I'm exactly the same